Who We Are

Blast off… and let us bring the Nature wonders to inspire you?

Sky Dome is a portable planetarium that brings the universe and the Natural sciences to your school through an awesome 360-degree science movie. 

Our Sky Dome is inflatable, mobile, spacious and provides a cost effective, educational entertainment on different science topics to kids. 

The children will be immersed in a wonderful world of micro-organisms and bacteria (Biology), outer space and the stars (Astronomy), rivers and mountains (Geography), plants (Botany), dinosaurs and rocks (Geology). We believe that each science concept becomes more easily understood when reduced to imagery rather than in textbooks.

Sky dome started in 2013 and since that time we served thousands of students and families and we are looking to serve more people.

We come to you… Our sky dome is a tremendous hit, whenever we visit your premises, we will take your little scientists on a 25 to 45-minutes journey to discover the world around them. We can be a part of your in school hands-on learning activities, afterschool enrichment programs, school camps, and science days. Keep in mind that our rates are reasonable; our staff is more than friendly; our shows are engaging, educational and entertaining … We create an experience for lifelong memories. We are confident that you will be thrilled by the excitement and enchantment this program offers to all our visitors. If you do have any questions, visit our FAQ to learn more about our requirements.

The domes get booked very fast, so contact us today! You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bring this incredible experience to your location! To make  a booking please visit our online booking system for availability. Please note that:

  • All presentations are for kids aged 3 and up years old with appropriate academic content.
  • We provide an expert representative with science background to operate the movies and answer any possible questions.
  • We recommend that children under 5yrs must be accompanied by an adult due to darkness and loud sounds.
  • Attendees should behave well, or they will be asked to leave if they make noise, are unable to remain seated or played with the dome equipment.