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Grade 2 / Topic: Magnetism

This program consists of the “Magnetism” movie w/ holding a famous meteorite sample and watching a model of Meteor Crater)


The students will enjoy holding a 440gm sample of meteorite from Canyon Diablo meteorites that arrived 49,000 years ago into North Central Arizona, forming Meteor Crater. Meteorites are 4.6 billion years old; so, when you touch a meteorite (any meteorite) you touch the oldest object you will ever touch.

The sample is made of nickel-iron that classified as Coarse Octahedrite Iron Meteorites. The sample shows thin sharp edges and twisted metal are typical features of the meteorites from Meteor Crater. Students will test the meteorite by using a magnet and they will test how heavy is the sample.


MAGNETISM is a full dome planetarium show that demonstrates how the Earth’s magnetic field protects our planet from energetic particles from the Sun and galaxy, and how the magnetic field also protects the water in our atmosphere from being swept away by the solar wind. It shows the first aurora seen simultaneously from the ground and from the ISS, and tells about the MMS mission (Magnetospheric Multiscale) and its quest to understand the magnetic connection between the Earth and the Sun.

RUNNING TIME: 24:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Earth’s Magnetic Field, Energetic Particles