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High School

High School


TOPIC: Cycling of Matter in Living Systems

 Today we will learn and discover many mysterious things about living organisms such as their systems, cells, structures and functions and how they can work together. To achieve this goal, you can select one of the following movies “CELL! CELL! CELL!” or “THE BODY CODE” and enjoy the science talks and question/answer period. Join us now.


TOPIC: Energy Flow in Global Systems

 Let us wear our sun glasses and fasten our seats to explor the solar energy that sustains life and drives the global climate systems on earth. If you are interested in Earth’s climate; and Earth’s atmosphere we invite you to watch “OUR LIVING CLIMATE” movie, or you have the choice to watch “Dynamic Earth” movie to explores the global climate and the energy that flows from the Sun into the interlocking systems that shape our climate. Whatever is your choice that will be followed by science talk and question/answer period.



TOPIC: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Students today will review the life processes of PHOTOSYNTHESIS and CELLULAR RESPIRATION in transferring energy and matter in plant. If your students would like to know more about the process of photosynthesis, cells, DNA and the importance of plants for life on earth, they can watch one of the following movies “Life (A Cosmic Story)” or “The Life of Trees” in addition to science talk and question/answer period by one of our specialist educators.


TOPIC: Human Systems

 Let us go deep and travel across our body systems and to discover how DNA programs the body’s cells to form the circulatory and nervous systems while watching “THE BODY CODE” movie. As an alternative our scientists can ride through the body to watch how patients can survive from a mysterious viral infection while watching “MICROCOSM” movie.