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Grade 6 / Topic: Air and Aerodynamics/ Flight

Today your students will be an aeronautical engineer of the day by using knowledge of forces to explore flights. In addition students will learn why engineers need to know about animals and how they use that knowledge to design technologies that help other animals and/or humans. To explore more watch “DINOSAURS AT DUSK” or “DREAM TO FLY” movie to learn more and to join our educator in a nice science talk and question/answer period. This program can be extend based on the school/Teacher requirement.


Dinosaurs at Dusk is a learning adventure of a father and his teenage daughter Lucy who share a fascination for all things that fly. You’ll travel back in time to meet the pterosaurs and the ancestors of modern day birds: the feathered dinosaurs. Lucy and her father will navigate from continent to continent to look for clues for the origins of flight until time runs out and they experience first-hand the cataclysmic last day of the dinosaurs.

RUNNING TIME: 41:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Flight, Continental Drift, Asteroids and Impacts, Extinctions and the Convergent Development of Flight Among Species. 


Have you ever dreamt you were flying? Have you ever thought how wonderful would it be to fly free as a bird? “Dream to Fly” describes the most important milestones on our route to conquering the skies—both in terms of technological breakthroughs, as well as our perceptions on flying itself. Discover the mystery of flight with Leonardo da Vinci, Montgolfier brothers, Wright brothers and other inventors. Experience the adventure with powerful images and music, an immense and challenging dream, for which mankind has strived since the beginning of history.

RUNNING TIME: 35:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: History of flight, Aeronautics, Astronautics, Space Exploration, Evolution