Our camps and vacation programs give kids the opportunity to learn about science through our interactive and hands-on science activities along with other activities to embark on a series of science adventures!

Activities are not restricted to science and provide a comprehensive personal development opportunity for the kids enhancing their skills through STEM projects, sports, creative art projects, LEGO education, educational outdoor field trips, 3D science movies and science shows.

Campers will engage in team building challenges and will be given the opportunity to conduct workshops of their choice by playing the role of an instructor instead of a student enhancing their leadership and communication skills.

By combining all aspects of STEM, we ensure that kids not only learn essential new skills, but have fun while doing so. We encourage parents to understand STEM and help their children continue the conversation once camp is over, discussing the science of cooking, what makes a strong structure, how roller coasters can be modified, and how math can help you enjoy things like sports and fitness even more. STEM is all around us and STEM xplorers is committed to nurture young minds to have a passion for it!