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Grade 4 / Topic: Building Devices and Vehicles

Your students will be recruited today to be an engineer for the next unmanned NASA mission! Let us wear our astronaut suits and be ready to watch a series of short movies starting with “FIXING THE HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE” and ending with “DESIGN A MISSION”. In the program, the students will design their own mission to either Mars or Saturn in search of water. However, the mission will either succeed or fail. So, buckle your seats and blast off with our education to discover some facts about Engineering designs and more. Book with us today to reserve your seat in our shuttle.


This fascinating 8-minute show about space engineering begins with an exploration of the Hubble Space Telescope, with its many intricate parts that must work together to help this observatory achieve great things. How do engineers plan for the extreme environments a spacecraft must endure? Where do they test their work? To answer those questions, the movie shows how, from design to creation to launch, engineering is an exciting and fundamental process in space exploration.

RUNNING TIME: 08:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Spacecraft Engineering, Space Exploration


Journey from NASA’s test facilities all the way to Pluto and experience the excitement of today’s space missions.

Immerse yourself in the adventures and extremes of spacecraft engineering – from the Design of Missions like the James Webb Space Telescope and New Horizons, to the rigors of testing, launch, and space operations. When humans dare to dream, we create truly amazing things.

RUNNING TIME: 10- 30 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Space Exploration, Astronomy, Science, Space, Probes, Space-Based Telescopes, Engineering