With our workshops, kids will learn new skills, expand their minds and having FUN at the same time. We are providing hands-on mind and hands-on learning. Absolutely your kids will find a big selection of quality programs, will learn about the engineering and scientific processes and will find diversity of themes and programs to enjoy and to learn from.

STEM wonders offer hourly, bi-weekly and monthly activities. Our enrichment workshops are not directly related to school curriculum but still, there is a lot to learn and enjoy. Kids will learn skills and approaches such as teamwork, brainstorming, building, critical thinking, time and project management, and problem-defining and -solving. By the end of each workshop participants will be the scientist or engineer of the day and will receive a certificate of participation.

Our programs have been designed carefully by our specialists to captivate the curiosity and encourage the creativity of our kids of all ages. All our programs will be presented by one of our well-trained educator(s) and will be presented in a way to satisfy everyone. We are not limited to classrooms but also will do our workshops in parks, gyms, malls, community centers, anymore…

In case your kid would like a special workshop in a specific theme or school topic, we can design one for her or him. Contact us today for more details.

Our innovative workshops:

  • 45 to 60 minutes in length, however, the FUN can last forever.
  • For groups of up to 25 children
  • Prices start at $000.00 plus GST
  • Reinforce Engineering Design Process concepts & methodologies.
  • Kids will enjoy researching a problem, planning, building a prototype, test their projects and using their intellectual skills.
  • We are building the future scientists, engineers, and technologists through critical thinking and creativity.
  • Lots of Fun, excitement, engaging, interactive and hands-on learning and doing.
  • We supplement our programs at the school’s classroom, daycares, and kindergartens, open areas, parks, gyms, malls, community halls, etc.
  • Our workshops are operated by an experienced, professional, very dynamic and well-trained educator(s)
  • Utilizes professional equipment and recycling materials

One Day Workshops

An hour-long adventure with a topic of your choice. We offer workshops on topics in all fields of STEM. From learning chemistry through slime making to becoming palaeontologists, geologists and even astronauts, participants are engaged in a hands-on minds-on interactive experience. Be it Science Week or just a practical session for a topic you are covering STEM Wonders is here with our 1 day workshops that can be easily fit into your schedules

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Weekly Workshops

Our weekly workshops of 1 hour each, are designed to educate your students extensively on a single topic of your choice. The workshops are spread across 10-12 weeks to ensure participants understand the subject covered thoroughly. Topics range from electricity to recycling to even robotics! Students are given certificates at the end of the 10 to 12-week Program.

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