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Grade 5 / Topic: Weather Watch

By selecting and watching the movies “WEATHER” and “CLIMATE CHANGE” your students will learn the science behind weather, weather forecasts, climate changes and global warming. The 45 minutes program includes a science talk and question/answer period. This program can be extend based on the school/Teacher requirement.


What’s it like outside? Rainy, windy, hot? Let’s check our thermometer, rain gauge and wind sock! Your students will learn important terms for describing and measuring weather and what to do if weather becomes severe in this exciting, live action video. And teachers, the video also includes an extensive on-screen quiz to engage and check your students on the spot!

RUNNING TIME: 14:20 minutes


Learn about meteorological phenomena, explore our planet’s biosphere and examine global weather patterns in this dynamic 360˚ film. Your students will learn that our planet is warming up: increased global temperatures, variations in the frequency and intensity of rain cycles, extreme meteorological events, retreating glacial ice and advancing desertification. Yet the Earth has experienced long-term, natural climate change before. Is what we are experiencing today unavoidable or is it the result of human activity? are experiencing today unavoidable or is it the result of human activity?

RUNNING TIME: 25:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Weather, climate change: it´s causes and effects; humans adaptation to the climate change.