Our Programs

Schools Full- Dome Shows
The sky dome provides wide selection of licensed educational Movies for all ages. Our library contains over 63 movies that cover different topics of science. We are you will find a movie for your students that aligns with Alberta Curriculum (contact us today to find more details). All movies will be presented by our knowledgeable and trained staff.

K to Grade 3
Grade 4 to 6
Grade 7 to 9
Grade 10 to 1

School Programs

  • My Place In Space (K/1)
  • Astro Adventure (2/3)
  • Astro Adventure (4/5)
  • Sky Science Exrtavaganza
  • Astro Adventure (7/8)
  • Space Exploration

Planetarium Movies

  • Back to the Moon For Good
  • One World, One Sky
  • Two Small Pieces of Glass
  • Ring World
Public Full- Dome Shows
Public Shows Important Guidelines!

Our Sky Dome is opened to public at different locations throughout the City of Calgary and surrounding areas Please see our schedule below for more information. In case we did not have the minimum booking requirements, the show might be canceled and the sold tickets either will be fully refunded or can be moved to another location.

  • Each show is sold separately, you may purchase tickets for one or more movie.
  • The show begins promptly at the scheduled start time, so ticket holders must arrive 10 minutes prior to showtime.
  • No entry after doors close – late arrivals may attend the next presentation if there is a space
  • Absolutely no food or drink allowed inside the Dome.
  • Please be aligned outside the dome door 5 minutes prior to the show time.
  • Due to the darkened environment and safety concerns, children under the age of 5 years old should be accompanied with an adult (ticket required) or will not be allowed in the SKY DOME.
  • Once a show has started, if you must leave, re-admittance will not be allowed.
  • Be sure all electronic devices including Cell phones should be off during a show and not used in any way.
  • All SKY DOME movies are indoors, and we ask attendees not to run or make a noise outside the DOME.
  • We are renting the place and we should leave the place clean and tight. So, help us to keep the place in good condition.
  • All ticket sales are final. No refunds are given for late arrivals or no-shows.
Our Planetarium Shows

Our shows are typically 55 minutes in length that consist of three parts as follow:

Plan A:

  • Interactive demonstrations or an After-movie Activities
  • Full dome movies
  • Questions and answers

We begin with an interactive demonstration related to the show topic and as the lights go down, we leave you to enjoy the movie. We generally save 5 minutes at the end for questions.

Plan B:

  • Full dome movies
  • Questions and answers
  • An After-movie Activities

With plan B we will begin with the movie that will be followed by 5 minutes for Q & A about the movie. Then the attendees will enjoy an after-movie activities either inside or outside the dome. We have developed some hands-on activities to go along with the shows. All materials are provided and there are no additional charges for these activities.

Note: If you have any specific topic you would like us to cover, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Schedule of Events
Ticket Prices
  • Please note that each show sold separately.
  • Special price for groups of 5 people and up
  • To assure your ticket, purchase your tickets in advance and on-line
  • Walk-in tickets are available on the day of the movies (this does not grantee a seat and you may have to wait for the next show)

Visit our online gift shop for all our gift items. You may order the items on line and we will deliver it to you on the show day or send to you by Mail (Extra charges may apply for orders below $100). Buying from our gift shop will support our programs to improve our services and to purchase new movies.

We hope to see you soon!

Corporate/ Private Bookings

To have a private booking you should contact us at least 2 months prior to your event to be sure that there are no school or public shows scheduled. Corporate and private booking are available upon request with a flat rate for up to two ours. Contact us for a quotation to book the dome for more than two hours and for more details about the available programs.

If you are interested in booking an event at the Planetarium, please fill out the booking form.

Outer Space Birthday Party
We offer two space birthday packages for your child as follow:
Space Birthday Parties

We are happy to celebrate your child birthday party under our sky dome. We come to your birthday party location (your party room should meet our dome specification) please check our dome specifications with full of surprises and memories to last a lifetime.

The party can last for one hour or more based on parents requirements. The party will be include the following, a Full- Dome Movie and one Hands-on activity and/or lunching a rocket . In addition kids might get chance to hold an actual museum quality iron meteorite and other rock samples. The movies and experiments are age approriate and will be discussed with the parents. The dome can accommodate about 35 kids or 25 kids and 5 adults (That’s 30 people in total). We will try our best to accommodate more attendees if possible but also, we need everyone to sit comfortable and relaxed.

Stargazers Birthday Parties

The Stargazers party will last for an hour that will be filled with neat demonstrations, at least one hands-on experiment, and a lot of FUN. Experiments including but not limited to, Rocket Launch, Alien Worms, Glow-in-the-dark Moon Mud, Volcanoes and Astronaut Freeze-dried Ice Cream!

We will begin with a cool experiment that comes from Outer space. This will be an exciting experiment for the kids to watch in a fun way to begin the program. Based on Kids ages you can choose one of the followings:

Little Stargazers Birthday Party (5 to 8 years)

The Astronauts need to be over energized to blast off to the outer space. Astronauts will launch a rocket to pass through the clouds, and surprisingly their rocket might be colluded with UFO’s. Once we land on the Moon kids will see some old volcanoes and finally, they will enjoy the Aliens slime, or they will do Lava Lamp to take home.

Shining Stargazers Birthday Party (9 years and up)

The Astronauts need to be over energized to blast off to the outer space. Astronauts will launch a rocket and pass through the clouds, meeting some floating rings that hits other planets and surprisingly their rocket might be colluded???? with UFO’s. Finally, our Astronauts will enjoy building their Moon Rover or to do the Moon Phases to take home.