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Grade 2 / Topic: Exploring Liquids

This program consists of one fulldome movie “THE H2O CYCLE” and one short movie “LIQUID / LIGHT / FLOW”. The science talk and question/answer period can be between the movies or after the short movie.


Water. We drink it. Bathe in it. Swim in it. Play in it. But, have you ever really thought about water? For example, do you have any idea how old water is?

More than half of the Earths surface is covered with water. And, a lot of that water has been around pretty much as long as the Earth has. That makes water old. It also means that the water you drink could be the same water an elephant drank 100 years ago, or dinosaurs walked in even before that.

Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, advection, humidity, transpiration, and even evapotranspiration is introduced in this video.

RUNNING TIME: 14:00 min
SUBJECTS COVERED: Water Cycle, Weather, Seas and Oceans.


Fluid dynamics visualizations

Softly lit glowing geometrical shapes morph into langorous flowing forms in this immersive meditative piece. Set to a backdrop of otherworldly music, the viewer floats in splashing streams of color and light. A great way to relax, or as a treat for your students.

RUNNING TIME: 04:51 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Music, relaxing, Colour, Fluid Dynamics.