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We’ve got birthday parties down to engineering, technology, and science that’s fueled with tons of FUN. Our birthday party packages are designed for children ages 4 and older, we provide hands-on… minds-on activities, that are totally participatory, educational, innovative, entertaining, safe and age appropriate for every child.

In our birthday parties, each child becomes a REAL engineer or scientist performing experiments, enjoy designing, doing challenges which combine with memories that will last a lifetime. To provide your child with an amazing and unforgettable party, or if you have any questions, give us a call at (403) 830-STEM (7836); email or send us a booking request and we’ll answer right away.

Birthday Party General Info

Our expert and energetic educator will come to any place of your choice and will provide you with an unforgettable experience that is filled with Knowledge, Adventure and FUN. Our birthday parties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fun time of unforgettable, creative, invention and affordable party.
  • Our parties include demos and hands-on activities (Make and Take)
  • Participation of birthday child plus 11 guests and a maximum of 2 adults.
  • Special gift for the birthday child
  • An educator-led science/ STEM activity
  • Our members receive 10% discount (Be a Member now)
  • All tableware and science supplies and materials.
  • Take home experiments and party participation certificate for each child.
  • Parents evaluation form
  • Set up and clean up

Birthday Party Themes

We offer the following themes as follow: Science party, Under Dome party and STEM party


The science party is fun-filled, fast paced 60-minute long that include:

  • 45 minutes of entertainment and 15 minutes of Make and Take hands-on experiment
  • A small gift for the birthday Child
  • Science certificate of participation for each child.

Cost:$220 + GST for up to 12 children. $15 for each additional child.

Raptors Party

Let us bring our raptor to your location and let your partygoers start digging for its bone’s and to search for other fossils. The participants will be paleontologists for the day and they will discover how animal lived in the past and how they went extinct. Partygoers will explore the extinction by building a volcano and enjoy holding an actual meteorite from Meteor Crater. Finally, every child gets to go home with a fossil of his/ her own.
Recommended for ages 3-8 years.

Science Wonders Party

Our Science Wonder party is 100% FUN and HASSLE free that combines the most exciting COOL chemical reactions, eruptions and AMAZING physics wonders, such as but not limited to, EXAMINING the power of electricity, CREATING a giant bubble, and more. We will wrap up in the last 10 to 15 minutes with MAKE and TAKE hands-on experiment and we will leave your party with lots of memories that will last forever.
Recommended for children age 4 and up.

Stargazing Party

The Stargazers Adventure party will last for an hour that will be filled with neat demonstrations, at least one hands-on experiment, and a lot of FUN. We will begin with a cool experiment that comes from Outer space, then participants will fasten their imaginary seats to blast off the earth and start their adventure. Once they are in the space shuttle, they will lose their balance and will enjoy flying between the UFO’s and much more. You can select on of the following Stargazing parties;
Junior Stargazers Adventure: (ages 5-8 years) or
Senior Stargazers Adventure: (age 9 and up)

Sky DOME Party

The party can last for 90-minute or more based on parent’s requirements. What a great experience your kid and his/ her invitees will have under the stars. We are happy to celebrate your child’s birthday party under our Sky Dome. We come to your birthday party location (your party room should meet our dome specification) with full of surprises and memories to last a lifetime.

Cost:$250 + GST for up to 20 children. $15 for each additional child.

Astronaut Adventure party

The party will be including the following, a Full- Dome MOVIE, life NIGHT SKY tour, holding an actual museum quality iron METEORITE, LAUNCHING a rocket (require outdoor space and weather permitting) and MAKE-and-TAKE Space Mud. The movie and experiment are age appropriate and will be discussed with the parents. The dome can accommodate about 30 kids or 22 kids and 5 adults. We will try our best to accommodate more attendees if possible but also, we need everyone to sit comfortably and relax.

Recommended for kids of all ages

STEM Party

A 90-minute long fun party that even the parents would love to participate. Our exciting STEM theme party will inspire your birthday celebrant and his friends to think creatively, design and finally build like a REAL engineer. The STEM adventure includes the following, robotics, coding, STEM challenges and more. Every child then takes home a toy made by themselves. If you feel 90-minute of the fun is just not enough, we can extend the activities to include some more super exciting building fun!

Cost:$240 + GST for up to 12 children. $20 for each additional child.

The Big Thinker

The kids will be the Engineers of the day and enjoying create, design, build and test structures such as Roller coaster, bridges and more. The kids will work in groups and within an actual budget using STEMlars! Every child then takes home a toy made by themselves.

Recommended for kids of ages 4 and up.

Party Upgrades

Rocket Launch

The basics of aerodynamics and flight followed by a field trip! We head outdoors where the kids witness one of our rockets launches! Count down the excitement as your child launches our rocket high into the sky. Launches require some open space and are weather permitting.


This is a shocking science experience that kids will love while exploring static electricity. Participants will have their hair stand, enjoying watching the electrons jumping, spark and crackling noise, lighting up light tube and watching Styrofoam peanuts push off the sphere

Dry Ice

Dry ice is an excellent tool for illustrating scientific processes and having fun while learning. Participants will enjoy doing giant bubble, foggy dry ice storms, change of the dry ice state and other super funny surprises are waiting for all participants.

Bouncing Ball

The children will learn about the ball’s properties and the physics behind the bounce. Note: this activity is only suitable for children ages 8 and up. It cannot be booked for parties with 24+ kids.

Party Add-Ons

  • Double-sided, colorful and bright theme-based invitations cards are available at an extra charge.
  • Lab Coat for the BP child to be used during the party.
  • $5/bag for goodie bags filled with a variety of science related items.
  • Loot Bags: Each high-quality bag is filled with cool science-themed activities which will keep kids entertained long after the party is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our office with any additional questions. We are committed to providing a fun and exciting STEM experience for your party that will help the children develop skills in imagination, creativity, curiosity and problem solving.

How long are the birthday parties?

It depends on the chosen party theme; our basic science party will last in an hour of educator-led activities that typically take place at the beginning of your party, however for the basic Sky DOME and STEM party themes, each party is up to 90 minutes.

Can I extend my party?

Yes, we can extend your party with an additional charge. Call us today to discuss the extra time options.

Where are you located?

We come to your location

Who is included in my guest count?

Participation of birthday child plus 11 guests and a maximum of 2 adults. For Sky Dome party we can accomodate about 20 kids and up. The Children 3 and younger must be supervised by an adult guest at all times. Any additional guests, children or adults are welcome to your party at an additional rate.

Do the kids get to keep what they built?

By the end of each theme we have MAKE and TAKE session where the children can keep what they build. Please speak with our representative for more details.

What time will the Entertainer arrive?

The Entertainer will arrive about 15 to 45mins before the Science Program depends on the party theme. You need to send Party invites asking the Guests to arrive on time as we don’t want anyone to miss the fun.

What sort of mess are we looking at?

Absolutely, no mess, no fuss. However, we need access to an outside area for some of the experiments such as “the Mentos and Coke Geyser” and/ or “Launching a rocket” otherwise the party can carry on indoors. Children will need a work space such as a small table, chairs for the children are not necessary. The Entertainer will leave their own working area clean and tidy.

What do you require from parents?

We require the following to all our birthday parties:

  • A suitable space to walks around and engage the birthday celebrant and his friends.
  • One Table for the science/ STEM educator to keep his tools and equipment’s on.
  • Tables and chairs for the kids to do the experiments on “optional”.
  • Access to a sink and an electrical outlet.
Do parents need to help clean up?

Not Necessary. The Entertainer will ask the party parents for help if necessary.

Are we required to supervise the children during the activity?

Supervision and safety of the children is our concern. We ask that that the guardian(s) of the birthday child remain at the facility.

What if more kids than I initially paid for show up on the day of the party?

We ask that you have a final number approximately 5 days before the party date, however we do understand if there is an additional child or two that show up. In this case the extra children can be paid for at the end of the party directly to the party Educator that facilitating the party.

How much are loot bags, what do they contain and for which ages are they appropriate?

We customize our fun-filled loot bags depending on your child’s age and the party theme. Our loot bags are varied in price (contact us for more details) and subject to GST.

Can we pay by credit card over the phone?

Our birthday parties are popular; therefore, your bookings must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance (Book Now) with your preferred date and time. Our coordinator will send you a confirmation letter with all your party details. Payment can be done using our add to cart system and you can enjoy the discount of being a member by joining our MEMBERSHIP program. In addition, we accept payments via e-transfer.

What is your cancellation policy?

Birthday party cancelled two weeks prior to the scheduled date are eligible for a refund, minus 25% administration fee. Cancellations within fourteen days prior to the party day will be subject to a 50% of the paid amount as a cancellation fee and the balance will be refunded either as a direct refund to the original method of payment or as credit. If cancellations occur on the day of a program, we cannot provide a refund. If your child becomes sick before your party date, you may reschedule without penalty.