Sky Dome Key Features

The Sky Dome is a mobile dome with a 360 degrees full-dome movie that covers a wide range of subjects and topics to be aligned with schools Science Curriculum Standards. Our programs are unique and suitable for all ages. Your students will leave the dome with a lot of unforgettable memories that will last for a long time.

The Sky Dome That comes to you 

Our dome is 6 meters in diameter and can be quickly and easily set up in most gymnasiums, hallway or other large rooms. The dome is easy to set up and take down that has a vertical zippered doorway and is handicap accessible. 

The dome is an inflatable hemisphere that required an area of 7.0m (23 feet) wide and 3.8m (12.5 feet) ideal height. Ready access to a standard 13amp power socket is also required. The dome can seat up to 25 adults or 30 young children. The dome itself is made of fireproof material and supports easy access for wheelchair users if required. Within the dome there is an elaborate ventilation system to ensure the comfort of the audience.

If there are any wheelchair users, we should be informed ahead as well if you have a mix of the above audiences then please contact us to discuss. Please note that students/ people must not sit on the inside lip of the dome as this slows evacuation.

The dome has the following features: 

  • It is very easy to set up and take down.
  • Has a vertical zippered doorway for entry and exit.
  • A high velocity fan inflates the dome and provides continuous fresh air airflow directed away from the audience for comfort.
  • Constant air circulation from the blower to the spectators.
  • Easy system to regulate the intensity of the airflow from the dome.
  • The dome has no floor, allowing for easy emergency exits.
  • Three-layers of fabric that completely blocks out the external light
  • Provides durability, water and fire resistance.
  • Specially designed inner screen fabric provides color accuracy and uniformity of light.
  • Our domes are designed with the optimal 24 segments which provides the correct form for the screen.
  • Offset joints between segments ensures maximum durability, making the seamless perceptible, and further eliminating any light penetration at the seams.
  • Proprietary multi-layer fabric.
  • Sky Dome is for indoor use only.

Sky Dome Notes

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your show time (once the show starts it will be difficult to stop the movie or to open the door)
  • We advise parents or parents with their kids to sit at the back of the rows for better view and for young kids to enjoy the shows.
  • In case of emergency the facilitator has an emergency light if needed.
  • The air inside the dome can be easily adjusted from inside all what you need is to tell our facilitator to adjust the temperature.
  • Our facilitator might use a laser pointer to guide audience through some movies, especially those that talk about stars.
  • The movies might give the sensation of movement, which may be uncomfortable for people with balance disorders, suffer from claustrophobia and/ or are sensitive to motion sickness. In addition, the dome is not suitable for people that have a fear of darkness.
  • Large items must be kept outside the dome. Please be aware that we are not responsible for lost or damaged of any of the items.
  • The dome is not suitable for outdoor use; however, it can be set up within a weatherproof marquee (client has to pay for the marquee in advance). 

Location Requirements 

The mobile planetarium needs the following: 

  • A suitable indoor location
  • A quiet, well-lit and clean environment.
  • Flooring needs to be flat, solid, un-raised and clean (dust-free).
  • Access to at least one power socket to power the fan, laptop, projector and sound system.
  • The area around the dome must be cordoned off from anyone passing by.
  • The dome can be quickly evacuated in an emergency.
  • Please advise our staff member of the location of the closest fire exits to the dome.
  • The packed-up dome is very heavy and is moved by trolley. Ideally there should be level access between the vehicle and the area where the dome will be set up. Please advise us if there are any steps or tight corners to navigate. 

To book the skydome, fill the booking form or for more details please call us at +1(403) 830- STEM (7836) or email: