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Sky Dome Key Features

Sky Dome Key Features

Our portableSky Domeis a full dome, providing a 360-degree immersive view of movies. Shows are available on a wide range of subjects and topics for education, aligned with school Science Curriculum Standards, and/or for entertainment.

The Sky Dome That comes to you

Our dome is six (6) metres in diameter, which means it can be quickly and easily set up in most gymnasiums, hallways or large rooms. It is well ventilated and can seat up to 30 young children or 25 adults. Access through a vertical zippered doorway makes the dome easily accessible, including wheelchair access. The dome is constructed of a fireproof material and has no floor so that, in an emergency, can be immediately overturned for rapid evacuation.

Three layers of specially designed fabric completely blocks out external light so the Sky Dome can be set-up in any room, regardless of the amount of light present. 24 segments of screen fabric are shaped to accurately and uniformly display the movie image on the reflective inner surface to enhance observing pleasure.

Location Requirements

Requirements for set-up of our Sky Dome at your location are as follows:

  • a suitable indoor location for set-up that has a flat, clean, floor space,
  • level access to the room for the dome kit trolley (please inform of stairs or tight corners),
  • room access 45 minutes prior to the show (and minimum 20 minutes for takedown),
  • minimum of 7 metres (23 feet) wide floor area and 3.8 metres (12.5 feet) ceiling,
  • standard power socket for the fresh-air inflator fan and projection system,
  • area around the dome and power socket cordoned-off from any passers-by,
  • gym mats for seating (or we can provide foam flooring for an additional charge),
  • we ask for at least one teacher or volunteer be present with the class during the show, and
  • please advise our staff of the location of the closest fire exit.

Sky Dome Etiquette

  • the audience should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your show time,
  • large items must be kept outside the dome (we are not responsible for lost or damaged items),
  • no food/drink or distracting gadgets inside the dome, and
  • note that exiting during a show is only done in the event of an emergency.

To book the skydome, fill the booking form or for more details please call us at +1(403) 830-7836(STEM) or email: