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STEM Wonders

We provide the best intellectual stimulation and activities for children, keeping them actively learning and engaged in the STEM curriculum in the classroom, at parties and at exhibits. Enroll your child or your class now!

Company Overview

STEM Wonders is proudly a Canadian company established in 2013, with its goals set to provide educational and fun activities for children and classrooms of all ages. These activities act to instill a clearer understanding of the concepts of science, technology and innovation in our daily lives, in relation to other classroom subjects and in the world around us. We bring exciting services to your school, child’s birthday party and in exhibits – including Hands-on STEM programs, afterschool STEM challenges and competitions, Sky Dome movies, camps, workshops, and science shows

We work with teachers and schools to develop exciting mini units to inspire learners and provide teachers with valuable ideas, data and next steps for their classrooms. We also work with parents and organizations to facilitate birthday parties activities, Interactive STEM Stations and other fun and unique learning activities.

At STEM Wonders our vision, is to bring innovative learning skills and understandings to students to solve real world problems and to provide a challenging learning environment to schools by providing a Hands-On…Minds-On approach.  STEM Wonders mission is to spark children’s imaginative learning through inspiring strong work ethics, bolstering critical thinking skills and knowledge, integrating relevant interdisciplinary problem-based content and hands-on learning programs. STEM Wonders will inspire, motivate, engage and prepare students to find their future success or careers in Science, Technology, and Engineering, and to be successful global citizens in the 21st Century.

STEM Wonders is a collection of hands-on programs that inspire students and teachers to use, develop and integrate skills in the realms of Math, Science and Technology, then develop next steps for learners to apply their learning to the real world. We provide classrooms, parents and organizations with the framework to invent or improve products that we use in our daily lives. In both groups and individually, STEM Wonders fosters a stimulating environment for every child’s mind.