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Grade 3 / Topic: Building With A Variety Of Materials

This program will ignite your kid’s creativity and thinking starting by watching our full dome movie “FROM DREAM TO DISCOVERY” and ending with a science talk and question/answer period. No doubt that Kids will enjoy thinking, designing and acting as an engineer by building their own devices to travel to the outer space with us.


From Dream to Discovery  movie is about space engineering that begin with an exploration of the Hubble Space Telescope, with its many intricate parts that must work together to help this observatory achieve great things. How do engineers plan for the extreme environments a spacecraft must endure? Where do they test their work?

To answer those questions, From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA takes us to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Integration and Testing facility, where space missions get tested. It shows how, from design to creation to launch, engineering is an exciting and fundamental process in space exploration. Finally, we witness a launch, the next step for a mission as it leaps up through Earth’s gravity well.

RUNNING TIME: 30:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Spacecraft Engineering, Space Exploration