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Grade 4 / Topic: Light and Shadows

Energy comes in different types (Mechanical, Electric, Light, Thermal and Sound) and today we will be focusing on the light energy. Light is a wave of energy, and not all energy wavelengths are visible to the human eye. Audience will enjoy learning about light, its wavelengths and sources by watching the short movie “LIGHT “followed by a science talk and end up with a full dome movie “COSMIC ORIGINS SPECTROGRAPH”.


Light movie will take planetarium visitors on a trip to the varied facets of light.

Light affects our lives in much more ways than we are aware of. The short film approaches the phenomenon in a way that is both fascinating and informative. It will appeal to young and old, experts and the lay public, and to people all over the globe.

RUNNING TIME: 7:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Light Speed and Sources, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Photonics, light composition, Light Colors, Wavelength, source of Light, Light Energy.


The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph covers the Hubble C.O.S. instrument, the nature of light, spectroscopy, the use of quasars as background light sources, material identification by spectrum, and the cycling of material within and surrounding galaxies. Produced by Fiske Planetarium, assisted by the professional astronomers in our academic department during production to ensure accuracy.

RUNNING TIME: 28:00 minutes
SUBJECTS COVERED: Formation, evolution, and ages of galaxies; Origins of stellar and planetary systems