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MUSICA – Why is the Universe Beautiful? show begins with a young woman, mesmerized by the beauty of nature, who asks, “Why do I sense beauty?” Her question sets in motion a series of scenes that take audiences on a voyage of discovery-from the DNA in our cells, to the spiral designs hidden in a sunflower and the ominous beauty of a typhoon, to the spiral grandeur of galaxies. An elegant, artistic view of musi,

MUSICA,  is an unusual educational and entertaining show that nourishes our artistic senses. At the same time, it teaches what every scientist, musician, and artist knows intuitively: how the physics of sound and color, and the physical laws of nature that contribute to music and art. Musica, by using sound as a metaphor, gives us a new yet ancient way to look at the universe.

During the 26:00 minutes of the movie you will discover that art, science, and mathematics all combine to open our eyes to the beauty of the universe.